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Thread: Post your oldest domain here!

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    Post your oldest domain here!

    What is the oldest domain you guys own? Im in the progress of buying a domain of 11 years old. How old are your domains?

    Please list:

    Domain - Age
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    I have from 1996.

    I used to have around 10 names from 1992-1995 but sold them all.

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    Used to have a 1996 .org domain, but sold it off for $200.

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    I've owned my personal domain since 1994, but for some reason its showing up as 1998.

    So now I guess my oldest domain is from 1998.

  5. I have a lot of old domains, several from 1995.
    ADVN.COM is the one of them. (Advanced Digital Video Network)

  6. #6 2002
    but i think it was first regged in the 90s. I bought it for 180 bucks 7 yrs ago
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  7. here is one 15.5 years, I may have some that are older though.
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    I beleive it is from 2006 Dec

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    My oldest domain would have to be registered back in 2006.

    Some of my other domains were registered before even one of them was back in 1998 but I don't think that counts when they've been dropped for a while.
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    well not to use but i didin't Have Full Control Over it that was 2007.

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