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Thread: qualification to become a registrar

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    qualification to become a registrar


    I just wanted to know the qualifications to become a domain registrar......

    please let me know!


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    If you are serious....
    GOOGLE IT!!!

    First, lots of money,
    Second, secure servers.
    Third, bond.
    And so on.

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    I would start with the minimum qualifications laid out by iowadawg. The first one disqualifies almost everyone.
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  4. Here you go:
    Want to Be Your Own Registrar?'s Registrar Leasing Business Gives You A New Option

    Between the cost of the credential and the cost of licensing management software (or having it custom built as most major registrars do) the outlay to start up is likely to run between $50,000-$70,000, plus annual dues of another $8,000 every year.
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