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    Re: How to recover lost domain name

    1. Sign up on the registrar which now holds the domain.
    2. Download and fill out a paper form Undo of Change. Sign the form.
    3. Make a copy of your identity card or driving licence.
    4. Scan and send them as attachments via e-mail.

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    You forgot the part about, "Pay the outrageous fee the registrar demands to recover an expired domain."

    I've never heard of items 3 and 4 being a requirement to recover a lost domain. The registrar knows who you are during the recovery period, because they are trying to get you to renew the domain at a high cost. Once past the recovery period, the name is returned to the open pool and anyone can register it.
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  3. I think its just better to pay attention to the domains you have or have them set to auto-renew then to have to bother with this (or the fee for that matter)

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