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Thread: Register a domain name for an year or more for a niche site?

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    Register a domain name for an year or more for a niche site?


    I want to register 4 to 5 sites of different niche.

    Shall i register them for one year or more?


  2. If you really care about the domain name, then I would register it for more than a year. I have a few domains that I've registered for 10+ years.

    Some people have said that registering a domain for more than a year shows the search engines that you're serious about the domain--and it's not a throwaway domain name. I haven't seen any evidence of that, but it makes sense to me.
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    One good point of registering a domain for a long period of time, 5 years or more?
    Insulated against any renewal increases in those years.

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    Good points.

    Personally, i have very few domains registered for 5+ years. At this moment i have about 150 domains so i definitely don't want to pay more than a years' regfee on them. The ones successfully developed will be considered for multi year registration; those are too few by the way

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