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Thread: Reverse Domains?

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    Reverse Domains?

    Say I see a very popular site ( and I register a domain and it's about gaming would that be considered infringement?
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    You can check with US Trademarks to see if there is any trademarks on the domain you want

    But I don't think there is a problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by corrykid View Post
    Nice job registering that domain, If you market it right, it could bring some real nice traffic and money.
    I didn't register it. I should of though when i first found it.
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    Yeah there would be no problems AFAIK, the only thing though is that it will probably stay in the same niche. And many people that visit your site, might think it's a new version from the other one and on their next visit go to the other site again

    Imagine for a stupid example, DigitalPoint is popular but if there was a new awesome forum PointDigital there is a big chance I never get back to that because I know the words DigitalPoint way much better & longer than the other one.

    Ofcourse this was a bad example
    |Nico Lawsons

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