Received the following email the other day:



I'm interested in your domain in the subject line.

Investing in domains is a profitable business. We are in real estate
business. Sometimes we buy, sometimes we resell for making a profit.

Looking forward to do business with you.

Andrew Murphy
Vice President
Elite Investment Group
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After a brief excitement of the thought that someone could be interested in one of my domains, it dawned on me that it could be a scam. Did some research and found some info about said company. It seems that after you reply to these guys, they will try to set you up with an expensive appraisal service that you have to pay for yourself and which they actually own themselves. After the 'appraisal', they will back out with the argument that the name isn't worth much so they monetized on the appraisal fee.

Even if legitimate, it would be ridiculous as a seller to pay for an appraisal service. I'm afraid these guys are smart enough to find other ways to scam the heck out of people.

So be careful.