Evening netbuilders,

I would like to ask you for a favor. This is one of the best, if not the best, sites for the brains behind the net. I would greatly appreciate your opinions on my situation and domain.

I find myself in a position to sell a domain I have owned for years. I happen to think of it as very valuable, but probably more for sentimental reasons. I found what I thought to be 3 of the most powerful words in English:

Am - not will, not have been, but AM
Free - speaks for itself.

So, I registered iamfree.com way back in 2000.

I am posing the value question here because it is such a domain that it doesn't have the huge intrinsic traffic a search term might have, but still a very short, .com, and meaningful domain. I do not do domains as a business.

I have had offers in the past. I have a reserve on what I will not sell it below.

Being the experts out there, what does everyone think I can reasonably expect for this domain?

Sure appreciate all your input and thank you in advance.

Ps. thought I would come here before going to godaddy appraisal, or any other services.