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Thread: show i sell this ?

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    show i sell this ?

    i have a lot dot my domain, recently someone from neighbor country wanted to purchase one of my domain .....

    Domain name SO===LD...........MY (sorry i hate to do this but at the same time i hate buyer saw this too, just remove everything and leave one dot )

    They offer me USD 500 for it, i spend total around usd 200 in last three year, really plan to keep it, even my country domain worth less *due to no international trade .....

    So what u guy think ? this is good domain for e commerce portal

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    they reoffer me at usd 1000 now ..... kind but still not sure to sell or not
    any idea ??

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    Sell and run to the bank.

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    I agree.
    Either sell it now at that offer, or counter-offer.
    Counter-offer may mean no buyer then.
    I would sell it.

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    Considering that SE===LL...........MY is 3,000 EUR on Sedo. I think 1,500 EUR is a good counter offer. You can always drop the price to $1,500 USD.

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    1500 euros at present is about a bit over $2200 USD

    Still, if counter offer is refused.
    Then drop back to their offer and take it.

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    ehheheheh ......
    i just counter offer at usd 1500 now they considering .... if they reject but not sure they still want it at they offer prices

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    thanks sold ...for usd 1250
    geggegeggegegege kind of happy

    i.just.-------------sold ---------.-------my/domain wahahhahahahha kind of miss it now
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    Congrats.Sounds like a good domain flip

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