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Thread: Small joys of domaining

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    Small joys of domaining

    I've moved to another city recently (to Warsaw), and as a result I go out much more and explore I like to take my own photos so I have already combined a small but decent database of various interesting spots of the city. I didn't know it will come into a domaining story, but the other day I was searching for Warsaw related domains, and I found out that was registered, but Warsaw Blog was not (remember the thefacebook ). It made my day, so I thought I will combine my passion for exploring things, photography and domaining. I've set up the server, installed WP, searched for a nice looking theme, set it up properly, made the graphics, set up seo (mostly url structure as the basic setting sucks big time), copyrighted my photos, wrote the first article and shoot it up online. It's really cool when you can combine things that you like. Do you have similar experience?

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    Nice blog. I've been to Warsaw and visited the old Gothic-looking Palace of Culture and Science in the photo in your Zlota 44 post. I didn't know that it was built in 1955. It looked much older, but almost anything built during the Russian domination was pretty depressing-looking. I''m glad to see that Warsaw is getting built up.
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    Yeah true. Lot's of commie remainings in the city. It also reminds me a lot of Kiev. It's less corrupt, maffia is not so obviously flashing around, but all these wide roads, the wild river (there's nearly nothing built around it, same like in Kiev, you have sand on the shore of the river), the countless new semi-high rise apartment buildings, the way people drive...

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    Cool photos. I haven't been there but would love to stroll around, looks like an interesting city.
    Last week, I was in Dresden Germany which reminded me of Budapest. This city was also heavily bombed during WWII but they rebuild most of the historic buildings.
    Will shoot you a pm when i'm in the neighborhood

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    I was also a few weeks ago in Dresden, although just for business, but it's a nice city indeed. German cities are in general surprisingly nice. Berlin in my opinion is the best city currently in Europe to live as a young person. Let me know when you are around Warsaw!

  6. thats what i did actually back 2009 when i moved in the current city i lived in. since i found that city is in a tropical island,i tried to take photos and upload it to my profiles and my friends like the images. there then i created a blog about the city and later became a travel guide

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    It's the Cebu site?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by tetrapak View Post
    It's the Cebu site?
    yes. it actually rank high to its keywords. so far its one of the site i care to develop the most as half of my earnings is thruogh this site
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    So push it!

    Change the cartoon guy for large rectangle Adsense ad. Change the Tripadvisor for hotel booking script, put the Google search higher, more visible on the site. Forget about the link ad on the right, change the bottom link ad to 336x280 Adsense ad. You will already make much more...

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    Nice blog and lots of useful information is there. Thanks for sharing.

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