I've moved to another city recently (to Warsaw), and as a result I go out much more and explore I like to take my own photos so I have already combined a small but decent database of various interesting spots of the city. I didn't know it will come into a domaining story, but the other day I was searching for Warsaw related domains, and I found out that thewarsawblog.com was registered, but Warsaw Blog was not (remember the thefacebook ). It made my day, so I thought I will combine my passion for exploring things, photography and domaining. I've set up the server, installed WP, searched for a nice looking theme, set it up properly, made the graphics, set up seo (mostly url structure as the basic setting sucks big time), copyrighted my photos, wrote the first article and shoot it up online. It's really cool when you can combine things that you like. Do you have similar experience?