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Thread: Sub domain with EMD benefit ?

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    Sub domain with EMD benefit ?

    will subdomain benefit from EMD ?

    for example i own, if i create a sub domain or ...

    would it be any good ?
    btw i own a lot dot my dictionary domain, most it good for sub domain hack

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    but it will benefit from keyword rich domain

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    what is the different between keyword rich and emd ?


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    EMD will beside keyword in domain bonus get additional bonus mostly because
    lot of small business users.

    For example such user are not SEO skilled and they are not interested in doing SEO at all,
    but after figuring out that they are not ranking imagine how much they and their clients will be dissapointed with Google.

    Probably because of that Google give extra weight (something like brand signature) to exact match tld domains.

    That boost is not something magical which will help you to get number one place rather something like initial boost so the users can recognize you among the masses.

    On the other hand non EMD but keyword rich will have only keyword rich benefits and that will be visible especially in low competition cases.

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    I don't think exact match for brands will ever be expired.

    Sub domain match should carry the same weight as keyword match in the directory path name. And after the initial SE boost to gauge the relevancy/popularity of a site, it will do battle with the competition on equal terms IMO.

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