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Thread: U.S. government seizes 307 NFL Superbowl related domains

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    U.S. government seizes 307 NFL Superbowl related domains

    U.S. government has seized 307 domains for violating NFL/National Football League copyrights ahead of the Superbowl.

    The reasons include violation of NFL trademarks on good for sale to illegal streaming.

    Read more: Super Bowl bust: U.S. government seizes 307 domains for violating NFL copyrights | Technology News Blog - Yahoo! News

  2. I read this article and it amazes what the government decides to focus on is the superbowl, yet they ignore the fact that American citizens and their children are starving, and unable to pay their heating bills during the winter months.

    Also what I found strange about this, is the fact that ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) is the government agency that seized these domains. Now I ask what does the Superbowl, Domains, and streaming video have to do with immigration and customs enforcement? Absolutely nothing!

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    Thanks for this domain news, I was not aware of this really.

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