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Thread: - Facebook is Telling me to take it down

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    241 - Facebook is Telling me to take it down

    Hello guys,

    I am a little confused here. The domain has been around for years along with hundreds of other domains that containt the word facebook.

    And today I got an email in regards to removing the site because of their trademark.

    I do not understand, why is the other facebook, myspace, youtube, bebo, twitter proxy sites still running?

    Do not tell me they havent caught them yet!!!

    Thanks IN advance and what do you think I should do or what is the process?

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    They're shutting down every site they can mate, they won't their site to be abused by a proxy and they don't want their trademarked name to be used. Are you sure the email is official, it might be a person that wants to take your domain from you so he could use it. It's a typical case for a domain scammer...

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    I think it is real. The email is real and the auto reply email was real so, I have a good feeling this is real.

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    If I tell you, I would have to kill you.
    If its real, the email sig will have a contact number and address..most big companies will have such sig while sending out mails...

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    Have they actually sent any type of documentation though? Like a cease and desist order? I think getting one of those just means your growing in the webmaster world - but I would follow it is you did get one.
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    It has always been a bad idea to register a domain name that contains a trademarked company name. There is always a risk that you will be forced to either take the site down or transfer the domain to them.
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    IF it's officially from Facebook, you should do what they ask, unless you want to go to court.

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    I got one too. Like last month from markmonitor saying to take down my domain that has 'facebook' in it. I have not taken it down.
    And haven't heard back from them yet.. Although I'm firmly sure I'm not breaking any laws. My site does not resemble facebook in any way. (The site is bright RED. Not even blue! ) and does not contain any service they offer. There is no way anyone could mistake it for being facebook. "Facebook" is just a quittance and its only resemblance. I never even heard of Facebook before I regiestered it. I swear. What is facebook?
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    I am not going to fight against them though, I will try and work it out vs breaking the law, lol, cant afford court!

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    Drop it

    I had

    Got a mail to stop using, sellin it.

    I just deleted it from my Godaddy account. Not worth the risk
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