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Thread: Value of PR3 Domains

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    Value of PR3 Domains

    I have the opportunity to pick up a mixed bunch of PR3 domains for about $20 each.

    The domains have mixed backlink profiles. Some will stay PR3, some will experience PR drops. With effort, I can probably spot which domains will keep their PR and buy only those domains.

    Do you think it's worth it? Should I go to all of that trouble for PR3 domains?

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    I would not.

    To much hassle. You need to keep niche for every of them.

    Maybe some of them that have good names...

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    PR3 names can be picked for $12-$13 at Tdnam, and sometimes you can even get PR4's for that price.
    I'm not sure it's worth the hassle to spend a long time managing those PR3's.

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    Well, if it's a bunch of them, maybe it worths it...
    How many are there for the $20?
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    Only if the niche of the domain is similar with your interest.

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    The thing is if they are in good niche you can go on buying them..otherwise its a waste of money..because rare niche domain can be easily created and shown in PR3 so check and continue buying..

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