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Thread: Wasted money transferring a domain name

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    Wasted money transferring a domain name

    I am gradually moving my domain names to NameCheap (for better control over the DNS) but annoyingly missed one that just expired. So I had to renew it for 18 UKP with and also pay the NameCheap fee (around 6 UKP) in order to start the transfer.

    I thought about letting the domain lie to rest in the vast graveyard of expired domains, but it is well aged, lots of back links, PR, and nostalgia attached to it. Like a family member. So I had to keep it, whatever the cost.

  2. Yeah well sometimes it's like that in the world of domains. But you can't let your emotions get in the way of business. You need to analyze each time you 're considering renewing a domain whether it is (or can) gain you enough benefits to keep -- or is it just extra weight that you'd be better of cutting.

  3. Well as you said the domain is old and has a lot of backlinks, so the money you spent in getting it back is not a waste.

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    So after all, was no wasted money,lol I also have some domains i can't let go

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    I find it odd that so many domainers (or really just speculators) will hold on to a domain and renew it year after year, just because they like the domain, or the age is there, with backlinks.

    Me, domains I do not develop and can not sell off?
    I just do not renew them.

  6. It sounds like it was worth it if the backlinks and PR are there. Its only a waste if you don't utilize it.

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