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Thread: Web2.0 vs SEO Domain Names

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    Which do you prefer? Something like:

 or or TheN.Com

    TheNationCommunity being SEO and others Web2.0.Which do you prefer?

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    I would prefer over the two others .

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    Good topic, I personally think Web 2.0 domains can be very clever and easier to remember but I don't use them so I'll go for SEO domain names.

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    Seo names are the best, Web 2.0 are ok.

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    I would rather get a SEO domain.

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    Seo....makes more sense to a searcher...

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    Seo names by far, they are better for the long term.

  8. #8 is by far the best domain there. You'd be blind to not choose a domain and it will get you a better return if you choose to sell. Plus, why choose a 19 letter domain over a 4 letter domain? Why choose a domain that will probably be harder to remember than a 4 letter domain which is a word in itself?

  9. #9, So if you thought of changing concept you can change it.

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