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Thread: What could be the price for this domain

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    What could be the price for this domain

    Hey ,

    I recently bought for the purpose of flipping later. But on second thoughts i wouldnt mind going in right now and sell it off .

    What could be the price i should be looking for ?


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    I don't see the value in that domain. Live the TV? Is that live as in live TV, or I live for TV? Grammatically it doesn't make much sense to me. It would be worth registration fee in my eyes.
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    i don't see the value too ...
    4 dot cd (free) i own before
    ***.cd (forget)

    but none of it bring me anything, not even seo benefit ..

  4. I recently owned a good portfolio of .tv domains, including,,, etc. and to be honest with you I just let them go without renewing them.

    I tried to sell them on various sites (godaddy auctions, namejet, etc.) and they just did not sell.

    I'm not a big fan (anymore) of .tv domains.
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    Honestly... $0, I don't see any value in that name, not even RegFee.

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    Nothing, I personally would not have any use for it if I got it for free.

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    The domain is o.k. perhaps for a blog. But I don't see any monetary value in the domain name.

  8. It is hard to flip .tv domains in my experience.
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    This really needs development in order to sell. No real value as a domain only.

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