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Thread: what to do to transfer a domain to namecheap?

  1. what to do to transfer a domain to namecheap?

    i've register a domain along with a hosting from a hosting company, what do i need to do to transfer the domain to namecheap?

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    1. Get EPP Code from domain current registrar
    2. Go to this link: Domain Transfer - Cheap Domain Name Transfer - How To Transfer Domain Name - Domain Transfer Service •
    3: make sure your domain is not locked at your current registrar and you have access to the admin email address specified on whois for this domain
    4. Add to cart
    5. Enter Epp Code

  3. Also, you'll have to register/pay for the domain at Namecheap before it can be transferred over to namecheap.
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    The Namecheap one of the world's leading domain name registrars made it simple and easy by offering open xchange email hosting which is affordable. You have to just pay for the domain at Namecheap before it has to transferred to namechip.

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