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Thread: What to do when domains get banned in Google?

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    What to do when domains get banned in Google?

    Two of my domains are not showing up in Google. Should I ditch the domains? Email and beg Google to un-ban the domains? Or continue using and develop more new contents, hoping that they will un-ban them in the future?

  2. Do you know why they were banned?

    If you think you know, and you can fix it, you might fix it and file a reconsideration request.

    I have sites where I've filed a dozen reconsideration requests over the course of several years and seen zero response. It's really a hit or miss proposition -- usually miss.

    How valuable are the domains? Unless they have something special in the way of domain name, age, inbound links, or PageRank, I'd recommend that you start over.
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    Have you used the site query command to see if the sites' pages are in Google's index?

    Most web site owners just find that their site is not ranking well and come to the wrong conclusion that it has been banned.

    If it is banned, you have nothing to loose by filing a reconsideration request, but like Will says, the chances for success are slim. Most of the time you will just receive a canned response advising you to check the guidelines page.
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    Can you PM the domain names? I may try to help you. Or just check out what you have one in last 3 months and anything weak work or weak link should be removed. Check your robots.txt too.
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  5. try your luck like what will said.
    incase reconcideration isn't granted which is most likely will happen lolz..
    youprobably might just want to download the database and transfer the files to another domain.

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    Domain name Banned

    hi all, My domain name has banned by google,how can i resume my services there,please help me out from this problem,my email are banned which are registered against that domain name.

  7. mark1234, if your domain was banned in Google, then you most likely want to first figure out why it was banned.

    Once you figured out why it was banned, you need to fix whatever got the domain banned.

    Once you've fixed it, you'll need to file a reinclusion request (a link to do that is provided above). This will take some time, you don't get un-banned overnight. In fact, you may not completely "recover" back to the traffic levels you have seen before.

    If you're still having issues with being banned, then most likely you will need to consult with someone who has experience getting websites reincluded in the Google index.

    By the way, if the site you're referring to is the site in your signature, then you're not banned. You're just having search engine ranking issues.
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    Contact Google, but I don't think it is worth the hassle. Some domain names out there are very cheap. I've seen them for $1 each (that was a special offer)

    Just out of interest, what were those domains?

  9. You can certainly try a reinclusion request, but from what I've seen in the past, domains that are banned in Google that are reincluded in the index never tend to recover fully. If you haven't done a lot of work on the link building of the site, you may want to consider moving it to another domain, perhaps an 'aged' domain.
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    I'm pleased to inform you guys that my domain is now back inside Google search.

    Thank you ChillingBreeze, Will.Spencer and the rest of you for your help!

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