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Thread: What do you do when...

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    What do you do when...

    ... the domain name that you want and that totally fits your project is unavailable? On top of that, after contacting the owner, the asking price is too high and way out of your budget?

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    There is always an option like opting for the same name but different tag
    for ex. instead of .com opt for .net or .org or something like that!

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    The thing I do is: Keep searching for another one There are so many names available or for sale for cheap prices. It can't be that only ONE domain fits for a website so... Keep looking

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    I choose a different domain name, don't even ask the owner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Szise View Post
    I choose a different domain name, don't even ask the owner.
    Same here. There's always a chance in the future that the domain gets dropped. Won't happen after you express interest.

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    I just keep looking for something along those keyword lines.
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    find a new and relevant one., there are always options available

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    I'd try something like DomainsBot, because they suggest lots of alternatives to any domain name that you want, using a thesaurus-type system (and some of the results are hilarious).

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    This situation has just happened to me and I tried another option.
    NEVER talk to the owner since it won't help you much.

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    Theres only one domain I have ever truly wanted but I would never have the cash to buy that but I just try to find better ones in some cases it works in some it doesn't just like life.

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