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Thread: What do you think

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    What do you think

    I had recently bought Index of / thinking that i would start another Proxy list in addition to my other site . but i am kind off not mood in doing proxy and would want to sell it off

    So can you guys give me a heads up what could be the Price i should look from this domains


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    any one? is the domain

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    Quote Originally Posted by weirdnessme View Post
    any one? is the domain
    I guess you can get around $25 for it as it is a .bz extension which is not very well known.

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    You can get a price range from US$15 - US$25 for this domain.

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    As this is not a .com domain but has good keywords, you would realize the full potential of it only by developing it.

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    Everyone is correct. You cannot get more than $30 because the domain extension is not popular.


  7. I thinik your best bet would be just to develop it when you are in the mood for it...not really worth selling it for $25


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