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Thread: What do you think about .tel domain?

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    What do you think about .tel domain?

    I just wanna know what other web masters think about registering of .tel domain name. I came across and found out that it offers such domain extension at affordable price.
    So, would it be profitable to register .tel domain?

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    Every extension is created for some purpose. *.tv is created for tv channel and *.com is for commercial, so a profitable/no of buying *.tel is depend on your site topic. From it's name, tel is telecommunication, so it will be good if you use it for telecommunication site. For other site topic is also OK but i think it's just not too familiar yet for mostly people.

  3. The program with the other extensions is that people are not use to going to something that is different than .com. I know a lot of my friends were really surprised when I was talking about a website at .biz. It seemed as if they had never heard of it before. So, I don't think it is a good idea to get a different extension other than .com.

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    .net's and .org's aren't too bad of an investment, but .com's are the best still

  5. .Tel's can only be used by companies for contact information. You CANNOT put a blog or anything like that on it. Useless for people like us.
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  6. Oh, I did not know that. So based on the extension, do you have to have a certain kind of site?

  7. I think .tel is the only one that has such a limitation.
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    But sometime people can use and buy domain as their like. For example, there is many indonesian forum using *.us (america domain = US). If document needed while buying? just make fake site first.
    But yes, *.com still the best, and also there is a myth (i don't know this is a myth or no) that *.com is the most SE friendly

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    Akira, yes, that's a myth. The domain extension holds absolutely no relevance to search engines.

    Back to the topic, I personally hate .tel. I think that in these times it's important to make some quality new domain extensions that people are actually going to be able to buy, and .tel isn't a good example.

    Richael from DomainMarvelous did a great interview/post about .tel domains, check it out:

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    Thanks for your inputs, my friends! As I see, .tel is related to certain web sites!

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