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Thread: What information to share when selling a domain?

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    Lightbulb What information to share when selling a domain?


    As the title states, what sort of data should a domain seller provide when selling a domain? also, even if the domain was never developed (only registered). What information could increase the value of the domain?

    Thanks in advance

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    Age of Domain
    Time left into Registration
    Registrar (yes, this can make a difference)
    Developed (Y/N)
    DMOZ (Y/N)
    Yahoo (Y/N)
    Similar Sales

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    I would only provide what the buyer asks for, like the stats of the, revenue, etc. Most of that other information they can already find from other sources, like PR, backlinks, age of domain, etc.
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    Depends on the domain, venue, buyers.

    Generally the more professional the venue is the less info you need to include since buyers are much more experienced and can look up everything themselves. Letting the buyers search around to find the info can work in your favor here. Listing too much info will look like you're trying to hard to sell it, which is never a good thing.

    The best info to provide however is whatever can assist the buyer in making the decision depending on what his purpose of buying the domain is. For example if he wants to buy it for a development project you can show a few similar popular developed sites on such domains or include some info about the development potential there. If the buyer is buying the domain for investment tell him about the long term value of the domain, the attractiveness to end users and why its value should appreciate over time.

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