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Thread: What should I do with this domain?

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    A forum for students to discuss about their study and life at schools.


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    Quote Originally Posted by weirdnessme View Post
    Or may be u can just convert it into an Php directory which has Papers from previous years
    How about using the domain as a term paper site?

    Put up some sample term papers, and instructions on how to write & research them.

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    What about a Forum where students can go and talk about what pissed them off that day at school or what they found funny and so on. Just like a place to chill after school.

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    A place where students can ask for paid help and research with their projects, essays and other academic stuff.

    Freelance writers and such can bid on the projects and ......... well ...... somewhat like elance, but for academic help.

    P.S I've seen students ask for help with a lot of school/college things on various forum marketplaces (And they're willing to pay). I personally have helped a few (For money).
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    1.make index page with joomla. where you can put very important updates with your site.
    2. create a blog about eduction. {my friend have one site CBSE News | CBSE Papers 2009 2010 | Results Syllabus | IIT JEE and AIEEE 2010 Preparations he was start with blogger blog and then create this and some other site for students}
    3. create forum for discussion and help.
    4. directory

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    Your forum should not be only for school/college/university students. Student means, a person that's studying to learn. Your forum will contain such sections most of the people are interested to study. From photography to computer programming, research or any interesting field can be included. Opportunity is unlimited over there.

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