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Thread: Whats your favorite Domain you own ?

  1. Resale yes, but I'm rather sticking to it..

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    I like my own hopefully it was unregistered considering that my name is Jorge Linares

    and secondly it would be

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    ^^^^ I like your 2nd domain. Is nice.

    - Digital -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digital View Post
    ^^^^ I like your 2nd domain. Is nice.

    - Digital -
    thank you, at first I was undecided and actually I'm still undecided between or but I had to choose so I guess there's no turning back

  5. I guess my favorite is

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    My of course...
    Cabins Renta
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    I'm not keeping the domains anymore that don't serve a purpose even if I like them.

    Blonba,com is the exception and is the oldest domain I have and is an African (Bambara) word meaning a place to gather. We used it to start an African furniture business however that project was short lived

    @tetrapak: indeed very nice name.

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    I purchased one more domain today -

  9. My favourite is

    Undeveloped though

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    Mine although i only have a couple is

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