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Thread: Where to Buy Domains

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    Have to say this about where to buy domains.
    Always make sure you are buying DIRECT from the registrar!
    In other words, do not waste your time or your money on a registrar reseller!
    LIke so many advertise on forums and on their sites and blogs about the great domain deals, the great hosting deals, etc. to be only found on a certain site.
    And 99% of the time?
    Just a reseller for GODADDY!

    For $99.95, I will tell you how to tell a reseller for godaddy from godaddy.

  2. #52 if you want to sell or buy domains (spanish).

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    I think Godady is the best place to buy any domain.....

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    GoDaddy is lame, i buy at 1and1 good prices and good service
    Life it's school, we graduate when we die

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    GoDaddy has too many annoying up-sells during the shopping cart checkout. Say NoDaddy, I can't take no more.

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    I like Godaddy. It’s a good choice. But if you are looking a different one, you can also try easytoreselldomains.

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