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Thread: Where to Search for Expiring Domains

  1. I've been using for a while now, have found some great domains.
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    Expired Domains

    Just all the dropped domains (.com and .net) daily.

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    The Domain Name Wire is one of the new source of Domain Name Industry to find the expired domain names. Actually the domain names is different since it actually lets you to search huge database of expired domain names and lowers narrow down your search according to your need.

  4. Thank you!! Currently our domain consist of hyphen and we wanted to buy a domain without hyphen domain. As Hyphen domain is not good for branding.

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    you can also search in or for expired domain names.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    By putting some time and effort into your search, you can buy very nice domains for next to nothing after their previous owners have let them expire. These domains sometimes come with inbound links, PageRank, and even traffic.

    Here are a few web sites which will help you to search for expiring domains

    Which site do you use to find expiring domains and what do you like about it?

    NameJet is also a good option. It provides you with free lists of pre - released, pending and expired domain names.

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    thanks for this information guysss

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    I used in the past domain superstar and it worked ok but thanks for the entire list

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    Good luck. I hope it does well to you. However, if someone wants a good service host provider then {removed by mod... you need the WTS section, not an unrelated thread}
    is indispensable.
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