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Thread: Where to Search for Expiring Domains

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  1. Where to Search for Expiring Domains

    By putting some time and effort into your search, you can buy very nice domains for next to nothing after their previous owners have let them expire. These domains sometimes come with inbound links, PageRank, and even traffic.

    Here are a few web sites which will help you to search for expiring domains

    Which site do you use to find expiring domains and what do you like about it?
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    Thanks a lot, I mostly use JustDropped!
    I found 3 great domains last week, bought them for 28.5$ in total (3 .com at Dynadot)
    And sold 2 of them already for 175$ in total, now trying to sell the third one too

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Is there a script to catch expiring domains that I can use?

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    You can setup a Dynadot account with API access (you need to fund your account with at least $500) and then develop or buy some ready script. (ready scripts cost around $100)

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    PemiumDrops is another website in this category.

    Here's what they allow you to search:

    • PendingDelete - Domains dropping within the next 5 days
    • SnapNames Exclusive Drops - Domains dropping within the next 5 days and guaranteed to go to SnapNames.
    • NameJet Pre-Release - Expired NameJet partner (Network Solutions, etc) domains that are guaranteed to go to NameJet.
    • SnapNames Auctions - Dropped domain names currently in SnapNames auction.
    • GoDaddy Auctions - Dropped & Publicly Auctioned GoDaddy domain names.
    • Pool Auctions - Dropped & Publicly Auctioned Pool domain names.
    • Sedo Auctions - Public Sedo domain name auctions.
    • eBay Auctions - Domains in the eBay 'Domain Names' category with full bid, bidders and end data.
    • Redemption Period - Expired domain names dropping within 31 days.
    • Registrar Hold - Expired domain names dropping within 37 to 82 days.
    • Dropped - Domains which have at some point dropped and may still be available.
    • Dropping Tomorrow - Domains which are scheduled to drop tomorrow.
    • Unexpected Drops - Domains which have been force deleted (tasted, TMs, etc)
    • Dictionary Domain Names - All lists have a Dictionary subcategory.
    • Adult Domain Names - All lists have an Adult subcategory.
    • Also, raw lists (not scanned for metrics but available in text format):
      • Daily zone file difference
      • Newly registered domains

  7. #7 is a nice one where you actually watch domains as they drop.
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    I didn't know about the other sites. I just look here Fresh Dropped Domains if I saw something I liked I bought it.

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    Thanks for the links, really like JustDropped

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    Thanks Will! Lets see if I find DMOZ dropped domains, wish me luck!

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