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Thread: Would like your thoughts on a couple domains

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    Would like your thoughts on a couple domains

    So digging around through the many threads here I thought what the hell I would try to build a site and fill it with some keyword rich content. Now my issue was and still what the heck do I want to write about since I dont like writing

    Then because of what I do online and have become rather lucky with it but the impending doom of summer creeping up and I would like to maintain my earning and increase them over the summer I need to broaden types of sites.

    To the point I dug through and expiring domain list and found a couple sites I think may or may not have some potential

    Now you as a webmaster first do you think there could be any value in the names alone? If developed what would you recommend as the best types of sites to create out of them.
    These were not randoms words I searched for it was a rather short list and these domains called out to me, maybe because they were orphans and no one wanted them or they are gems in the rough and my conscious was leading me in the right direction.

    Reverse IP Check ಠ_ಠ Proxy Sites
    <?php if ($youask == 'stupid question') { echo ('stupid answer'); } ?>

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    The first one is too long IMHO... It's like the famous Warez-BB.Org would suddenly become:
    So I wouldn't buy the first one...

    The second one can become pretty good, though it will be hard to develop a site like that and get money out of it.. as I believe there will be more webmasters on those sites than regular visitors.. and webmasters mostly don't click ads

    And I wouldn't buy the last one as I don't even know what 'gut' means but just watching that name it looks like a porn website

    |Nico Lawsons

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    I like the first but i agree, makes me think to something illegal, illegal software. Warez tips, crack, hack.

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    I can't really see much use for any of them myself. You need to get into an area where people are in the 'clicky' mood. If your site is aimed at people who are wanting to buy stuff then you have a higher chance of them clicking on the ads. Its not easy to do, but if you get the right site and keep adding the keyword content you should do fine.

    But as I say, try to find a niche where people are already in the clicking mood.

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    I look for names that are easy to remember and conjure up memorable images. All three names are memorable. makes me think of a blackhat site - good for an HTML tutorial site - seems to be a derogatory slam against someone with a beer belly.

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    If I had to pick one of those. I would take And like TopDogger said, I would do html tutorial site. Then I would create my own product. (Probably outsource the whole process and set price to $5-$15). Then I would put some free tutorials to that website. And, of course, advertise my own html tutorial product on that website.
    And set up a newsletter, to capture visitor's email addresses.

    I would promote it with set of articles. Maybe 50 articles. (Outsource the article creation, of course). With these articles, I would take quantity over quality. And buy 300 word articles for $3 each. 50*$3= $150. With each article, I would target low competition, long tail keywords, with 100+ searches/month. So, that would bring me good amount of visitors every month.

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    If you would like to develop those names, these thoughts spring to mind:

    1. A forum or blog for tech hacks, not necessarily webmaster related. Could be about modifying cars, phones or 'spy tech' for example.

    2. HTML with a fun twist for beginners .

    3. 'Have a six pack in 3 months and get ready for summer'; for couch potatoes. Or a beer belly photo contest if you are really bored.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loko View Post
    Or a beer belly photo contest if you are really bored.

    It is too bad the name isn't We could run a real popular photo contest with that name.

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    1. I like it. For example some tech gadgets, camera, mobile phones, hardware exposed, concentrating for bad things on specific models..
    It can become very appreciated source of informations.

    2. Interesting but there is bunch of html site on every corner.

    3. Dont know what GUT means...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellas View Post

    3. Dont know what GUT means...
    Stomach, tummy, belly, thats your gut

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