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Thread: - Good Domain or Not?

  1. #1 - Good Domain or Not?

    I just bought the domain and wanted to get your opinion on if it was a good buy or not.

    I wanted to make a PS3 site so started looking for domains using domain name suggestors and generators and was one that came up.

    I chose over other names because it would be easier to remember to users then other domains I would pick as it is short and easy to remember.

    I will be creating the website to it shortly - most likely either a wordpress blog or a CMS.

    How should I market the sites name? Like should it be setup to be xPS3, XPS3, Xps3, X PS3, x PS3 or what?

    I have to date owned and created about 30 websites, own about 7 now and so far no sites I have made have become any popular or gained much revenue (best was $300/month from a proxy before it was scammed from me)

    So yeah, just getting your opinion

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    Hi there.

    I think that it was a good buy. I would market it as "xPS3". Because the PS3 part stands out very well.

    Btw, what kind of monetization are you going to use? Adsense ads? Affiliate products?
    If you want, I can PM you few good Affiliate Products to promote. PS3 games related.

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    Yeah, I think I will market it as xPS3 with possibly the X in the site logo to be the Playstation X from the controller.

    Will have to think about it some more.

    But most likely will be using Adsense for ads and doing some affiliate product sales depending on location through some programs such as playasia.

    But yeah PM me those sites and I can take a look

  4. One problem you may run into is that Sony has a history of using the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization to protect it's trademarks against it's customers.

    Some of the domains the UN has confiscated for Sony Corporation are:


    Submit Your Webmaster Related Sites to the NB Directory
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    Makes me think of the Dell XPS instead! However you may try to market it, just remember to isolate that 'X' from PS3 as much as possible.

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    Yeah I have thought about the problem with trademarks, but many other websites have used ps and ps3 in the title with no problems YET.

    I dont expect this to become a large websiet, something small to hopefully bring in seom revenue over time.

    To isolate the x from the PS3 I have used the X from a Playstation controller which does Isolate it, otherwise I have used a little x such as "xPS3"

    So yeah, lol thats how I have done it. It is now live and currently auto blogging from a popular PS3 news site with me writting some unique content soon enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post

    Some of the domains the UN has confiscated for Sony Corporation are:


    All these contain the word Sony, or Playstation. If I was Sony, I would try to confiscate these too. But I wouldn't mind about acronym sites. Like xPS3. As I don't see it hurting Sony or Playstation.

    But then again, I'm not Sony.

    I remember you posted similar message about Youtube. And some of the domains confiscated were not that close to youtube as one might think. So, rldowling03, I would prepare for xPS3 to be confiscated at some day. Jst to be ready if it happens.

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    Haha yeah I will probably expect it one day, but not until the site becomes a high traffic site enough for sony to notice it, which I doubt the day will come

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    may i ask which registrar you got it from? godaddy? moniker?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fast1 View Post
    may i ask which registrar you got it from? godaddy? moniker?
    Does it make any difference at all?

    The name is registered with Domainsite (a quick whois check shows that)

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