I just bought the domain XPS3.com and wanted to get your opinion on if it was a good buy or not.

I wanted to make a PS3 site so started looking for domains using domain name suggestors and generators and xps3.com was one that came up.

I chose xps3.com over other names because it would be easier to remember to users then other domains I would pick as it is short and easy to remember.

I will be creating the website to it shortly - most likely either a wordpress blog or a CMS.

How should I market the sites name? Like should it be setup to be xPS3, XPS3, Xps3, X PS3, x PS3 or what?

I have to date owned and created about 30 websites, own about 7 now and so far no sites I have made have become any popular or gained much revenue (best was $300/month from a proxy before it was scammed from me)

So yeah, just getting your opinion