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Thread: Your favorite Domain Extension?

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    .net / .me

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    Quote Originally Posted by chatterbox View Post
    Besides the regular .com, .net, .org what is your favorite domain extension to use for sites?

    Well as for me, when I cannot get any of those regular extension I like to use .info or .bz.

    So guys what's your favorite domain extension?
    .biz not .bz that is for Belize

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    For me

    .in / .info
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    .com and .net both are cool.

    if i never found any required name on .com then i like to use .net extension

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    Well I would prefer .com domains as it’s easy to open on browser… U simply enters the name of the site and press control enter no need to right the whole path like www. Well I also want to correct this point that it does not matter, your domain is .info, .com, .org etc. if you market your site properly and if Google crawl it then it rarely matter’s that your domain is .com, .org. or others.

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    I like .com domains. But if the domain name is good say - 5 letter, single word, niche related then i can compromise with the Tld.

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    With the exception of ".com's", I would say my country level ccTLD, ""...
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