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Thread: 12 Years Old Unique Characters Domain For Sale

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    hey don't be too much skeptical, I too contacted my USA frnd and they are saying that they have purchased 3 months back.
    its okay digimedia is largest investor but this guy wants to sell this domain name than let him sell, what is the objection here, might be the details in is not updated man,
    and digimedia have sold 3 months back.
    I don't know why digimedia said you that he is not selling these domains.


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    STOP this bullshit immediately, you obviously don't own nor have any authorization to sell is a property of

    I've contacted Scott Day (Digimedia Administrative contact for this domain) and he told me this domain is not for sale.

    Last update on this domain was in 2008-11-04, so obviously not 3 months ago.

    If you insist in this bullshit I'll just terminate your account (period).

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    Ok send me proof of Digimedia administrative told you like that.
    send me screen shot of this email, chat and whatever you have.
    i told my USA frnd to upload any page like,
    when he update this than i let you know.


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    I agree my mistake and i am not fraud.
    what i thought what my internet frnd told me like that.
    so please don't banned me really m not fraud person.
    this is my first and last time mistake next time i am really think about that.


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    I enjoyed in this thread. Net Builders is lucky to have Shenron active.

    Good job.

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