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Thread: 2 Green Domains, 1 - PR 2, Expire 5 Feb

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    2 Green Domains, 1 - PR 2, Expire 5 Feb

    Here you go: - renewable energy companies Resources and Information. This website is for sale! (PR2, 19 Links in Yahoo) (Taken by Kovich)

    Free for both. Expire 5 February 2011 ish. Just don't have time for these, so made available to NBers. First come first served. When you post, follow-up with a PM with your GoDaddy info to forward the domains to within 1 hour.

    No GoDaddy info in 4 hours and reopened. Not takers by 5 Feb and they'll just roll back. One domain per person.

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  3. I'll take the other please Auto Approval Proxy List Free Text File Hosting

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    Sure, just PM the GoDaddy info to initiate transfer and will do!

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    K, that's all folks. 2 Happy customers...but I guess the price was right!

  6. wow, sorry I missed these.
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    Sorry man. When I'm at a good stopping point tomorrow, I'll see if I have any more ok to decent ones I don't feel like mucking with to put up for the same good price

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