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Thread: 90,500 Exact Searches - Exact Match Domain Name

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    90,500 Exact Searches - Exact Match Domain Name

    Today I am offering to sell the following domain name:

    Exact Global Month Searches: 90,500
    Source: Google AdWords: Keyword Tool
    Domain Registrar: GoDaddy
    Reason for Sale: It is getting closer to christmas and this thing is really going to explode with traffic. I do not have the time to develop it, as I currently have a number of projects already going on. I figure that if I can't develop it, someone else can. Why let it sit here and go to waste?
    Payment Processor Accepted: PayPal
    Price: Undetermined. Any reasonable offer will be accepted.

    This is a great, exact-match domain name. With almost zero effort you can successfully rank at the top of the first page for this high-volume, low-competition keyword. Dive into the market and experience the success that this domain name can provide. Don't let this offer pass you by! You can monetize this site with standard advertising methods or affiliate products. Lots of opportunity!

    Note: xxtoni has confirmed the search volume using WordTracker.
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