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Thread: Catchy Domain for sale

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loko View Post
    Whois says your domain is registered on the 26th of January 2010. Your post is of 27th January 2010. Care to explain?
    Nice finding! Very interesting...
    So I guess there were no other offers.

    And then look at this random post from a brand new member:

    Quote Originally Posted by shadowking View Post
    Well the domain is attractive as per me.I am not a marketing professional but if that would be me then i would have taken that.
    Best luck for that.As per me you should sell the domain for min 80$ as the domain is too simple to remember and catchy too.Think over that.

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    @ abhiquick

    Its really great if you try to sell your domain but please try to avoid confusing our members. We do our best to maintain a quality forum here.
    You have a chance to clarify yourself before I close the thread.

    Last edited by Loko; 1 February, 2010 at 12:51 PM.

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    Sorry I was busy for a long,, I have clarified all the things.
    N Sorry if you people are feeling I am confusing you all.
    I have purchased domain only for selling purpose since domain name is unique and very simple. Its also having words which come under most searchable category.
    So if anyone wants to buy it can bid it here.

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