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Thread: Catchy Domain for sale

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    Catchy Domain for sale

    frendz I have a domain having very catchy and attractive name...
    I got so much higher offers for the domain on various other forums. But I will give first preference to netbuilder memberz..

    domain name::-
    make your bids here or PM me your price. I will contact you with PM.
    No negative comments if you are interested then only reply here.
    Bid starting price will be $50

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    Start your Bids from $50
    payment will be accepted with paypal only.

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    Hi there. Can you provide proof of ownership? (ex. upload an html file with your username or something)

    Always like to make sure the deal is legitimate before I consider placing a bid.

  4. And Till when is the domain registered??

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    Ok I will try to upload the file.
    The domain is registered with and it will get expire on Jan 2011.

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    here the screenshot of my account for proof you want

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  8. Quote Originally Posted by javanx3d View Post
    When you're looking to check a domain expiration: - Grab The Market

    Lol, Ya man, I know. I am just too lazy Best of luck man for selling the domain but I think $50 is too much considering that the domain doesnot have any google or Yahoo backlinks nor any Pagerank and the Alexa rank is only 11,353,299. The domain has been registered only a few days ago. It even has not been indexed by search engines. Maybe you could help us find what kind of site can be made using this domain. Otherwise buying a domain which has no link or no traffic nor PR at 50$ is like hitting your own head on the wall. What say?

    On second thoughts, 50$ is still to much even you if give ideas, since the domain is so new, young

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    Well the domain is attractive as per me.I am not a marketing professional but if that would be me then i would have taken that.
    Best luck for that.As per me you should sell the domain for min 80$ as the domain is too simple to remember and catchy too.Think over that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abhiquick View Post
    I got so much higher offers for the domain on various other forums. But I will give first preference to netbuilder memberz..
    Whois says your domain is registered on the 26th of January 2010. Your post is of 27th January 2010. Care to explain?

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