I have a Free dot com if any one wants it. I do not have the time to make or develop the site. No strings attached.

AEMAILFROM.COM - Mar. 26, 2011

Here was my idea for the domain name.

Download this Free script from iowadawg http://www.netbuilders.org/scripts/s...ipt-23019.html

Next I intended to have the script rewritten for each Holiday.

A e-mail from the Easter Bunny

A e-mail from a Leprechaun

A e-mail from a Ghost

and so on you get the idea.

The domain is at Godaddy so if you want it, it's yours.

This will be Free to the first member that posts here, under these rules.

1. You must be in good standing with over 100 counted posts

2. You must have 10 good itraders.

Hope this can help someone.