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    Exclamation | Eco-friendly domain....

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    I honestly cannot believe that '' is going to sell for that much...
    There's not even a site or anything! Eco Hood only gets 590 global broad searches a month.

    What in the world makes this valuable?

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    Exclamation Reminder

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    I think it's a very brand-able name

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    Even i am looking forward to know the final sales price and many "experts" think that this domain is not worth....

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    Quote Originally Posted by javanx3d View Post
    What was the final sales price?
    Domain went for initial bid.

    I think it's bargain for a buyer...

    Just take a look how it could be developed:

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    Right, I missed all of that so was just curious since the initial bid isn't listed any more Thanks for the reply.

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    It was sold at sedo congrats for getting that amount for the domain. Eco area seems to be worth money as a lot of people are setting up these types of sites.

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