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Thread: Expiring domains with PAGERANK!..Updated Daily!

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    Smile Expiring domains with PAGERANK!..Updated Daily!

    Hello friends,

    Starting from today,I will be posting here the domains that are expiring soon with a valid Page rank along with backordering details.

    I have attached the list with this post since posting it may cause the domain to loose its pagerank.

    These domains can be backordered at for 10 dollars each...

    Please leave a reply if you have taken a domain so that its easy for others....

    Today's List Updated in the last post of this thread !
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    FYI: Added one more Domain name to the above file...

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    Thanks or NBucks are appriciated... :)
    Take 2 from me for your good work, keep it up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jakki View Post
    Thanks or NBucks are appriciated... :)
    Take 2 from me for your good work, keep it up.

    And here i today's list....

    7 PR2 Domains and 7 PR1 Domains...

    Backorder at

    Thanks or NBucks are appriciated...
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  5. Thanks for the list

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    18 PR1 and PR2 Domains in today's list...

    Thanks or Nbucks appreciated....
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    Today's lit contains 7 PR1,5 PR2 and 1 PR3 domains....
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    Here is today's list..

    Contains one PR3, four PR2 and 10 PR1 Domains...

    Thanks or Nbucks appreciated....

    Quote Originally Posted by geeknb View Post
    Still looking for good name for tech forum. Thank you btw
    I have pm ed you a pr1 tech domain ....
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    Today's list contains 4 PR1 and 4 PR2 domains...
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