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Thread: Looking for domains, English, Dutch .com/.nl

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    Looking for domains, English, Dutch .com/.nl


    I'm looking for the following type of (longtail or not so longtail) domains:

    English names, .com only. Maximum 3 words
    Dutch names, .com or .nl only. Maximum 2 words.

    • General Product/service names but particularly interested in:
      -Produce (fruit)
      -Trade names like cement, sugar, rice, gold, etc related (longtail) names.
    • (Local) GEO names, Europe only.

    Typical range $200-$400 per name with maximum $500 for the right name. PayPal. I may buy 2 or 3 names.

    If interested, please PM name and asking price. (multiforum post)


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