Only Trusted Members are allowed to buy this account. So i advice others to be silent.

Registrar :
Number of Domains : 90
Domain Transfer: Allowed
Expiry : 1 Year.
Who is Protection : Added.
Type of Domains: 1 .com (8.99$ each)domain & 89 .cn (13.99$ each)
Total Value : 1254.1$
Method of Payment: Paypal Only. I want a middle man in the staff

List of Domains : Pm me.
Proof of Ownership: I can show the paypal proof from which i bought all the 90 Domains

Bid starts at : 300$.

Note: I'm selling Only For Trusted Webmasters.

If someone make a off topic reply in this thread i will complaint it to the moderators.I'm completely sick of idiots who don't buy anything but spoil the seller's threads.If you are one of them now jerk off! Beware i have warned.