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Thread:, Expired Domains Pagerank checker tool for sale!

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    Arrow, Expired Domains Pagerank checker tool for sale!


    I am selling two of my scripts which I use to find the Pagerank domains at Godaddy Auction and's Expiring Domains section.

    The scripts are small, but are very powerful.They can check the pagerank of 1000's of domains in minutes.You can easily identify the domains which has pagerank from a huge list of domains.

    Demo Video:

    [ame=""]YouTube- Expired Domains PageRank Fider Tool[/ame]

    Price: PageRank Checker Script alone:55$ PageRank Checker Script alone:55$

    Buy both for:100$

    You Don't Have the Resale Rights

    How To Buy:

    Please PM me for my Paypal ID.
    Once you have sent the payment,Please reply me in this format
    NetBuilders Username:
    Transaction ID :
    Email ID to send the script:
    (Better Copy&paste)

    Note:This is a Browser based script.So you will not get any setup files.

    Q: Do I have the Resale Rights?
    A:No,You Don't have Resale Rights.

    Q:You said that I will not get any setup files.Then How can I get the script working?
    A:The Email which you get after buying the product will have the answer.

    Q:Will I get free updates for future versions?
    A:This is the Final Release.So no updates.

    Q:What happens if my computer crashes and looses all its data?Should I buy this script again?
    A:No,If any such accident happens,Just send a PM or Mail me.I will send you the product again for free.

    Q:Why don't you allow us to download the script?
    A:To prevent Piracy.

    Q:Can I get this tool anywhere else in the Internet?
    A:No you can't.This is a custom made tool.
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