9 domains sold as a group for one price.

This is not an auction or make an offer or please can I have the price on one domain!

You will get ALL 9 domains for only:

Registrar is show, renewal date is shown and if there is PR it is shown.

Paypal only.

First person to POST SOLD and PMs me, has them all.

bawdily.com 01/30/2013 PR1
cbace.com 10/23/2013
greatestblogger.com 10/22/2013
tophostingdir.com 06/19/2013
triviaeveryday.com 10/03/2013 PR2

convenienthost.com 02/04/2013 PR3
damntexans.com 10/14/2013
damntexans.info 10/15/2013
isbnbooksearch.com 09/15/2013