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Thread: Panther Web hosting | Quality hardware | Domains @ $11.99 | Web Hosting @ $0.99/month

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    Panther Web hosting | Quality hardware | Domains @ $11.99 | Web Hosting @ $0.99/month


    Panther Web Hosting offer domains starting at $12.99 a year! They come with free whois protection, Email forwarding and free support! We also offer Web hosting along with domains for a cheap price of 99 cents a month for 1GB of storage!

    Specs of our web hosting:
    > 1GB of SSD Storage
    > 10GB of bandwidth
    > 5 subdomains and email addresses
    > 2 parked domains
    > cPanel/WHM licence

    Come check us out on our Website or Submit a ticket!
    Thankyou for considering us as a host!
    Best regards,
    Panther Web hosting

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    Hey, a hosting SPAMMER!!!!!!!!
    How are you spammer~!~~~
    Now to report you for spamming and POOF!!!!
    You are gone from here....

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    I already sent a PM to Rob. He is screening the hosting companies. This guy has not participated in anything, so he looks like a spammer.
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