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Thread: Premium Domain :: .COM :: Exact Match 290,000+ Organic Searches a Month

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    Premium Domain :: .COM :: Exact Match 290,000+ Organic Searches a Month

    I'm selling off
    which is registered at Godaddy. Free Push to your Godaddy Account. Payment By Paypal.

    This domain name is an exact match of the keyword 'life saved' and a sub-match of the keyword 'life save'.
    Registered upto : 16-July-2010
    Its monthly global searches according to and Google Adwords' Keyword tool are as follows.


    The amount of SEO done for the websites ranking top 10 for these keywords is pretty low, so with such a strong keyword domain, it will be easy to hit the top spot much quicker for that respective keyword.

    Price : $35 (Buy It Now :: No Bids)

    Pm me for Payment Details.
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