Hello everyone! I have some great premium domains for sale here.

They have a lot of potential and I do not have the time to develop them into sites. Make me a reasonable offer on any domain name and it's yours. You may either reply here or PM me.

Thank you!



Expires on 5/26/2010

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Expires on 6/22/2010

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Create a site using Joomla about home decor, feng shui and other related subjects. There is a potential for bringing in traffic by making sections for "decorating on a budget" or "eco-friendly decorating" because these are popular subjects these days. There is advertising revenue potential and even affiliate network revenue - just find a relevant product for your site.

Sight-seeing in LA. Popular attractions in LA. Reviews for restaurants, shops and hotels in LA. Travel guide to LA. So many options for something like this...

File upload site. Simple.

Gaming server? Gaming site?

Not sure. Be creative. :P