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Thread: Selling on bido

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    Selling on bido

    Auction starts in around 2 hours.

    Domain name auction for on - Social Auction Platform.

    I'll throw the site in also if you want it.

    Bidding starts at $28 with no reserve


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    Why are you selling this site for that cheap prize and I checked your site is great to make money or you don't have time to give to this domain.

    waiting for your reply..


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    That is the problem. I have so many projects now I don't have time to work on clubfree.

    It only takes around an hour a day to update clubfree though so it is an easy site to take on if you don't have a lot of other projects taking up your time.

    I have subscribed to a few different other freebie websites newsletters and get their daily freebies in the mail. It is just a matter of cutting and pasting and mixing in some CPA freebie offers.

    Go bid


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