PENTACLE.NET registered since 1998, more than 11 years old, All main .TLDs are taken. Estibot appraisal 3900 USD
Pentacles are as it were certain holy signs preserving us from evil chances and events, and helping and assisting us to bind,
exterminate, and drive away evil spirits, and alluring the good spirits, and reconciling them unto us. The pentacle is one of the
oldest symbols on earth, dating from 4,000 years BC. Pentacle amulet sellers at Ebay will be happy to get this domain.
PHOBOS.NET registered since 1997, more than 12 years old,
all main .TLDs are taken, estibot appraisal 1800 USD
Phobos (fear) is a moon of Mars, Phobos might contain a substantial reservoir of ice.
The Russian Space Agency is planning to launch a sample return mission to Phobos in 2011, called Phobos Grunt. return capsule
will include a life science experiment of
The Planetary Society, called Living Interplanetary Flight Experiment, or LIFE.
second contributor to this mission is China with a surveying satellite called Yinghuo-1 that will be released in the orbit of Mars, and
a soil grinding and sieving system for the scientific payload of the Phobos lander. Astrium in the UK is also planning a sample
return mission.
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astigmatism correction, eye exercises. Eye correction is one of the most
expensive types of health care available.

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