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Thread: Two Domains...Dirt Cheap price

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    Two Domains...Dirt Cheap price

    I want to sell these two domains both are high paying keywords and excellent for a blog or any MFA site.
    Expires 9 sep 2010
    Expires 2 Jun 2010
    Both registered at Godaddy.
    Bidding starts at 5$
    Buy it now price is 10$.
    I am just selling the domains no website etc included.
    Price is dirt cheap because I am looking for a quick sale.
    Payment by Paypal or MoneyBookers

    This auction is also taking place here
    [ame=][WTS] Two domains Going for cheap[/ame]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinoth View Post
    you accept NB?
    Not sure what are NB???
    I accept PP(PayPal) and MB(MoneyBookers)

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    NB is NetBucks

    You have $NetBucks: 83

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    When you get 1000 $NB you can cash it out for $6 USD via PayPal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kovich View Post
    When you get 1000 $NB you can cash it out for $6 USD via PayPal.
    Or you can buy them through the shop at 10$ for 1000$NB or on the forum in the BST for 8$ per 1000$NB

    But that's not where this thread is for, here is the official NetBucks thread.
    |Nico Lawsons

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